Versions follow semantic versioning (major.minor.patch). Breaking changes will only occur in major versions with changes noted in this changelog.

pgsc_calc v1.1.0 (2022-09-15)#

The first public release of the pgsc_calc pipeline. This release adds compatibility for every score published in the PGS Catalog. Each scoring file in the PGS Catalog has been processed to provide consistent genomic coordinates in builds GRCh37 and GRCh38. The pipeline has been updated to take advantage of the harmonised scoring files (see PGS Catalog downloads for additional details).


  • Many of the underlying software tools are now implemented within a pgscatalog_utils package (v0.1.2, and ). The packaging allows for independent testing and development of tools for downloading and working with the scoring files.

  • The output report has been improved to have more detailed metadata describing the scoring files and how well the variants match the target sampleset(s).

  • Improvements to variant matching:
    • More precise control of variant matching parameters is now possible, like ignoring strand flips

    • match_variants should now use less RAM by default:
      • A laptop with 16GB of RAM should be able to comfortably calculate scores on the 1000 genomes dataset

      • Fast matching mode (--fast_match) is available if ~32GB of RAM is available and you’d like to calculate scores for larger datasets

  • Groups of scores from the PGS Catalog can be calculated by specifying a specific --trait (EFO ID) or --publication (PGP ID), in addition to using individual scoring files --pgs_id (PGS ID).

  • Score validation has been integrated with the test suite

  • Support for M1 Macs with --platform parameter (docker executor only)

Bug fixes#

  • Implemented a more robust prioritisation procedure if a variant has multiple candidate matches or duplicated IDs

  • Fixed processing multiple samplesets in parallel (e.g. 1000 Genomes + UK Biobank)

  • When combining multiple scoring files, all variants are now kept to reflect the correct denominator for % matching statistics.

  • When trying to correct for strand flips the matched effect allele wasn’t being correctly complemented

pgsc_calc v1.0.0 (2022-05-24)#

This release produces scores that should be biologically meaningful. Significant effort has been made to validate calculate scores on different datasets. In the next release we’ll add score validation to our test suite to make sure calculated scores stay valid in the future.


  • Add support for PLINK2 format (samplesheet structure changed)

  • Add support for allosomes (e.g. X, Y)

  • Improve PGS Catalog compatibility (e.g. missing other allele)

  • Add automatic liftover of scoring files to match target genome build

  • Performance improvements to support UK BioBank scale data (500,000 genomes)

  • Support calculation of multiple scores in parallel

  • Significantly improved test coverage (> 80%)

  • Lots of other small changes to improve correctness and handling edge cases

pgsc_calc v0.1.3dev (2022-02-04)#


  • Simplified JSON input processes

  • Add first draft of documentation

  • Add JSON schemas for validating input data (mostly for web platform)

pgsc_calc v0.1.2dev (2022-01-17)#


  • Add JSON input support for web platform functionality

  • Set up simple CI tests with Github actions

pgsc_calc v0.1.1dev (2021-12-16)#


  • First public release

  • Support applying a single scoring file to target genomic data in GrCh37 build